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Modern Era Fitness - Ep 023 - Bug Out Bag: What You Need

You're welcome!  This week Mike and Caleb discuss what every person needs in his/her emergency preparedness kits (aka "Bug Out Bag").  Share this important information with everyone you care about!  Thanks for listening.  If you want to reach the guys, email them at, or on social media (@MEFPodcast).  Like, share, review.

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Women's Self Defense Seminar October 15th

45th parallel podcast

Nerd Alert!
The Casini satellite blazes by Saturn!

How to effectively camouflage yourself

1. Navigation

2. Sun Protection

3. Insulation

4. Illumination

5. First Aid Supplies

6. Fire

7. Repair kit and tools

8. Nutrition

9. Hydration

10. Emergency Shelter